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It's the Little Things - Horror Anthology

On a peaceful summer evening five friends meet for a backyard barbeque. The food is delicious, the weather is perfect, but their stories are chilling. Join them for tales of terror: ... holiday decorations to die for ... perfect preparation for all the wrong deaths ... the nosy neighbor who knew too much too soon ... a heart-stopping, desperate search? Seek and ye shall find. Enjoy these stories but be careful! This is no ordinary barbeque. Not everyone can make it out alive... The horror anthology It's the Little Things, is available now on Kindle      B&N Press   Disclaimer: Amazon and Kindle links on this site are affiliate links with which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items. Purchases are made on external affiliate company websites. When a reader/viewer clicks on an affiliate link located on and chooses to purchase the item, the reader buys the item from the seller directly. The sellers pay me a small commission or other compensati

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