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The Godmother - Patricia Fisher Mystery Adventures Audiobook

The Godmother Patricia Fisher Mystery Adventures Book 8 Solving mysteries can be murder. When the head of a global organised crime family wants you dead you don’t stand a chance … … unless your name is Patricia Fisher, and you have the kind of mind that can work its way around a problem. Targeted by underworld boss, the Godmother, for inadvertently interfering with their operations around the world, Patricia Fisher is trapped in a deadly game of cat and mouse which can have only one outcome – someone is going to lose. The deck is stacked heavily in the Godmother’s favour, but will her supreme confidence create an opening? Patricia and friends have nowhere left to run and everything to do if they are to expose the hidden organisation and topple the Godmother’s powerbase. How on Earth can they do that? By calling in a few old friends for a start. Will that be enough? Grab your copy and find out! Be ready for Patricia’s deadliest adventure yet! The author

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