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Where there's smoke...

Today's post was slated to be my response to yesterday's article. Change of plans. I'll post today's piece tomorrow, and do a second post for the Mutant of the Week.

Y'all might have heard about the lack of rain in the Texas Panhandle. In case you haven't, I'll fill you in. This is the driest start to a year for this part of the country since they started keeping rainfall records in 1891. Wildfires are a constant fear. We've already had several. It's a tinder box out here.

Yesterday a fire broke out inside city limits. I helped my mom evacuate, and brought her and the pets to my place to sit a spell. All's well that ends well, thanks to our local firefighters and the volunteers that came in from neighboring counties. It could have been much worse. There were several homes and schools in the path of the fire. But it sounds like there were no injuries or fatalities, and little property damage.

Somehow, in all the chaos, I didn't get around to writing. Imagine that. I'll make it up to y'all tomorrow.

Pray for rain!

- M. M. Wells