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On Zombie Apocalypse

Hey, kids, Naomi here. I'm back for a bit while Maryanne tries to finish up some non-blog related business. But as I'm also in the middle of some professional obligations, all you get for right now is some poetry. Starting mid-next week, you can expect another story. It'll be... rather off the beaten track. Prepare yourselves. In the meantime, enjoy some literary leavings:

On Zombie Apocalypse
I woke and wandered through the western waste
With little memory of the time before.
My job, my loans, my future all erased
By shotgun, moans of "braaaaaaains", and blood and gore.
My zombie-killing partner has my back
With sawed-off parking meter and a gun:
So side by side we fend off each attack.
When we use up the gas, we'll have to run.
We used to both be lawyers, i recall:
Opposing counsel, loathed each others' guts,
But we have had to swallow all that gall.
Now golf clubs are for harder things than putts.
If i survive, avoiding zombie torts,
I swear, i'm never going back to court!