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New Website and Other News

Welcome to the new website! If you're looking for free Undead Bar Association stories, you can access them through the old blog. Select the Undead Bar Association page tab then select Stories.

There's a sustained hum of activity here! The first Undead Bar Association book, Matriculated Death, publishes June 20. This week, I fly out on a research trip for Book 2. Yes, I'm already working on the second book in the series. Anticipated publish date is late November. That means just 5 months between books 1 and 2. Readers of the blog told me they hate long delays between books in a series (as a reader, I agree). So long as it's up to me, you'll never wait more than six months for a new Undead Bar Association book.

Work progresses on my second series, a sci-fi trilogy. Rough draft of Book 1 is 75% complete. As of today, there's no estimated publish date. I'd like the first book to publish early 2013, but it's too soon to tell.

What can you look forward to in the sci-fi series? A strong but flawed female lead. Multiple perspectives. A twist in the middle. And you'll know the end from the beginning. Don't worry; knowing the end doesn't detract from the action in the book. That's because in the world of this trilogy, the end IS the beginning.

I'll post photos from my Undead Bar Association Book 2 research trip, starting this week. Hope you enjoy the inside look at the research / writing process.