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Zombie Apocalypse in 3...2...1...

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a zombie? Not a TV show walk-on or flash mob zombie. A real, true to life zombie. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, your wait is over. And the best part is, you don't have to die to make it happen.

Earlier this month, Vladimir Putin announced that Russia has been testing electromagnetic radiation guns that can target a human's central nervous system. According to this article, previous research has shown that the use of similar radiation can be used to alter psychological states and transmit commands. Ta-da! Zombies. Living dead.

It isn't clear that the Russian gun is advanced to the point that it can transmit commands. To date, it has only been used for crowd control. But if the Russians are looking to do more than just control a crowd, and want to command the dissidents, they should consider playing with this technology. A mobile brain scanner. Imagine, you use the brain scanner to map the future zombie's brain, then use the radiation gun to target the specific region of the brain you need to control. With some fine-tuning of the process, the government could concentrate on behavior modification. Like in the Episode 1, Season 5 episode of the Syfy show Eureka, technology could make us into happy and obedient zombies.

Ah, the joys of science.

The technology is still in the testing stage, and the Russians estimate it will be ten years before they are ready to deploy the gun for military use. But now that the news it out, they won't be the only ones working towards that goal. Forget the Space's time for the Zombie Race.

Countdown to the Zombie Apocalypse starts now.