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Want Reader Input for Next Book

I'm working fast and furious on the sequel to Matriculated Death. Today I hit a little snag in the writing process. Please read what I'm dealing with, and give me your opinion.

The action in the book takes place in two different eras. To keep things simple, let's call them Historical and Now. The narrative voice for Now is the same heroine you heard for most of Matriculated Death. But who should be the narrative voice for Historical?

I've got two options. First, use the villain for the narrative voice. Fun to write because, well, it's a villain. But would it be fun to read? Second option is the victim. There are some interesting parallels between the victim and the heroine, which would make for cleaner transference of symbolism between Historical and Now. But the victim doesn't see all the action in Historical. Would it be too weird to have her narrate things she didn't witness first-hand?

So. Villian, or Victim. What do you think?