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When I'm Not Writing Things Down

This is a crazy month, and I have only myself to blame.

On June 20th, Matriculated Death (Book 1 of the Undead Bar Association Series) will be released. That alone makes June a very exciting month for me.

But did I stop there? Of course not! That would be too easy.

I actually began this month with a research trip to Dallas for Book 2 of the series (working title: D-town Shadows). So I'm polishing Book 1 while beginning Book 2. Nothing wrong with that; writers frequently work on more than one project at a time. I'm actively working on six books for three different series. Perfectly normal.

If it wasn't for that other thing...

The Day Job.

Writing, thus far, does not pay the bills. The Day Job pays bills. And I really enjoy parts of the Day Job, enough to pursue advanced licenses and certifications in the field. I'm currently working towards a certification with a rather grueling four part exam. Two out of four parts are passed and done. Two down, two to go. And I can't wait to be finished.

My eagerness, no doubt, is what drove me to register for a double testing date this month. In fact, I registered for the first available date. It just happened to fall five days before the Matriculated Death publish date.

The things I do to myself. Ugh.

So what does this mean for the writing? It means that for the next week, I'm not writing things down. I'm still writing, of course. A writer is always writing. But I'm not letting myself put pen to paper or fingers to keys for any creative project, until the exams are done.

Precedent from similar situations suggests a form of creative constipation may result, a terrible condition only cured by a forty-eight hour writing enema. I'm looking at you, weekend of June 16th. Oh, yeah.

To all my followers and fans: beginning June 18th I'm yours.

To my friends and family: normal human interaction reinstated effective June 18th. Also, I apologize for the cloud of insanity swirling around me. Again. This is the last time; I swear it. Yes, I said the same thing two licenses ago, but this time I really mean it. And I am aware that I'm something of an academic sadomasochist, so no one needs to tell me.

And I don't need an intervention. I need coffee and booze, in that order. And groceries. I haven't found time to go to the store. So I need coffee, booze, and food.

Maybe sleep would be good, too. Eh.