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International Talk Like A Pirate Day is Coming!

September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day! The unofficial holiday is pretty self explanatory, but if you want to know about the history of the day you can visit the official site here.

My introduction to the holiday came in law school, when a professor required all of us to begin the answer of every in-class question with "ARRGH!" I loved it. So when I started the original Undead Bar Association blog, I made sure to mark each International Talk Like a Pirate Day with a piratical poem or sea shanty.

ITLPD 2012 is less than a month away, and it's the ten year anniversary of the event. This year, we can make the whole writer's blog sphere explode with cannon fire. Write a piratical piece for your blog, and post it on September 19th. Post the link through your social media outlets. We'll spend the day touring each other's blogs and leaving pirate praise in the comments.

Avast, mateys!