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Writing Update

Short post today. Just want to update ya'll on the various works in process over here.

Book 2 of the Undead Bar Association is in my editor's capable hands. Estimated release date is this November, on Cyber Monday.

The second book will be different from Book 1 in a couple of ways. First, it will be one story as opposed to Book 1's two novellas. Second, it will have a number of flashback scenes. There's a fifty year old mystery in the book, and Maryanne and her allies are trying to solve it. Readers will know more than the heroine, and will know the key facts sooner. Feel free to shout "No, don't do that" at the present day characters.

With Book 2 in the editor's hands, I've turned to other projects. The next book to be published will be the first in my steampunk trilogy, Hearts. Estimated release for that book is January 2013. The Hearts trilogy is a little bit sci-fi, a little bit historical romance, and large explosions. We'll start by exploding a spaceship and move on from there.

Book 3 of the Undead Bar Association should be out in April 2013. Two of the original blog stories will be reworked for this book, but not as separate novellas. Instead, I'm going to mesh the two together. Just when the heroine thinks she can put her feet up after one case, the zombies will attack. The big zombies. As for setting, I'll give you a hint: cemetery.

And research for future books goes on, continuously. Can't help it. I love research. Book 4 of UBA, we're going cowboys and Indians. Book 5, New Mexico.

So here's the recap:

Book 2, Undead Bar Association Series - editing. Release date November 2012.

Book 1, Heart's Trilogy (steampunk) - writing. Release date January 2013.

Book 3, Undead Bar Association Series - outline complete. Release date April 2013.

Book 4, Undead Bar Association Series - research and outline in process.

Book 5, Undead Bar Association Series - research almost completed. Outline...I'm mulling it over. There's a kidnapping, and a fire...that bit with the icon is pretty awesome...spicy food, tequila, a there time for a dip in the pool? Maybe. Hmm.

So it's busy over here. And by over here I mean inside my brain. Feel free to stop by and say hello. Oh, and drop off story questions and ideas, too. One fan messaged me and asked if I'd consider using a certain Texas canyon as the setting for a book. You know what I say to that? Book 4, all the way.

Happy reading, y'all!