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2013 Publishing Dates

Here are the publishing dates for 2013.

April 22 - Book 3, Undead Bar Association Series. Maryanne escapes the Dallas law firm and moves back to her hometown of Amarillo, Texas. In this quiet, proud, eccentric little city, she feels safe. But, safety's just an illusion. The Inceput vampires aren't done with Maryanne yet, and there's a new enemy on the scene, one with ruthless means and dark desires. Readers of the original Undead Bar Association Series will recognize plot pieces from some of the serial stories. Zombie prairie dogs and Love on the Run are back!

June 17 - Book 1, Sci-Fi Trilogy. This series, an alternative history / sci-fi trilogy rooted in the Victorian era, opens on a gleaming spaceship sailing across the galaxies. It's a beautiful ship, with a brilliant, passionate, conniving, determined, and dysfunctional crew. There's no doubt trouble looms on the horizon. The real question is...who will survive?

September 23 - Texas Fairytales. The followup book to New Mexico Fairytales. Publication of this book is tentative. It depends on reader's interest and the progress of research for other projects.

December 2 - Book 4, Undead Bar Association Series. This novel picks up where Book 3 left off. Maryanne's worried the enemy will seek revenge, and she should be. It's never a good idea to anger someone with magical powers. New friend and ally Robert is just worried about the vampires. he's about to learn that when you're around M. M. Wells, vampires are just the beginning. A slice of the wild west, told from the perspective of Maryanne's friend and ally, Robert.