Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Binding Deceit - Cover Reveal

Binding Deceit, Book 3 of the Undead Bar Association Series, publishes April 22, 2013. Here's the cover art:
This book brings our heroine back to her hometown of Amarillo, Texas. She wants to live the quiet life, practicing law and visiting with friends. But want Maryanne wants isn't what Maryanne gets. Amarillo bleeds zombies and ghosts; it isn't long before Maryanne's caught up in undead mysteries. Even the law firm where she's working doesn't seem quite right. Of course, it can't be as bad as Dallas, where she worked for a firm of vampires. Or, can it?
To learn the story behind the cover art, and see the design process, visit the Undead Bar Association page at

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