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The Heart's Fire, new Sci Fi book, has launched

Now available on Amazon(hard copy) and Kindle.

Pledged to faithfully serve and obey, the stalwart crew of the SS ATTM embark on a peaceful mission of intergalactic exploration. Among them is Ensign Luther Gregory, newly assigned. Luther came on board expecting a good, simple job, flying on a ship with a clear mission.

But, not everyone agrees with the peaceful mission. The Captain wants power. The Lieutenant wants control. They are determined to get what they want - now matter what the cost.

A few crew members stand ready to stop them, to protect the ship and her people - Jane Wingfield, brilliant and impassive Valve; Harland Days, the ship's brave and stubborn Security Chief; Professor Heightus, resident genius and absent-minded eccentric.

Now, Luther Gregory must choose a side, in a battle with thousands of lives at play. There isn't much time. One day is enough to set a Heart on fire.

The Heart's Fire is Book 1 of the Hearts Trilogy. The Trilogy, set in an altered vision of Victorian England and the American Wild West, shows how perception impacts action.