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Swimming With Pantyhose

The last few weeks were a painful and deliberate challenge.

I posted few updates to my social media accounts and almost nothing to this site. Books languished on the desk and in the computer, waiting for attention from their author. I didn't touch them; I didn't write a single word.


Back in junior high, I did a brief stint on the school's swim team and learned all about swimming with pantyhose. Yes, we really did this. Our training uniforms consisted of 2 - 3 swimsuits and at least one pair of pantyhose.

Why where pantyhose in the pool? Better training through stress. The pantyhose (and the extra swimsuit) created drag. They slowed me down and forced me to work harder to improve my time. Come race day, I wore one swimsuit - no pantyhose - and flew through the water.

Weight yourself down so you work harder. Come race day, the weights come off, and you fly.

My competitive swim career was short-lived (choir and theater took precedence), but I never forgot the pantyhose. That feeling of flying through the water on race day, knowing everything I overcame to achieve that moment, was amazing. Every now and then, I reach out and try to grab that feeling anew. Not in the pool, but in my life - I find a way to swim through life with pantyhose.

A few weeks ago, I agreed to double my workload at my day job for a specified period of time. I knew what the price would be - no time or energy to write. But, I wanted that. I did. There are huge and grand challenges coming in my writing career, and the next four months promise to be extraordinary. Looking ahead, I decided it wouldn't be enough to welcome the challenges. I wanted to attack them. How do you get ready to attack on race day? Swim with pantyhose. So, I doubled my work load.

It's been exhausting and amazing. Though I didn't have time to write or edit, I did fit in one book signing / reading, made some new contacts, finalized a new marketing plan with my fabulous business team, and started an amazing new project with some incredible local artists. I swam with pantyhose. Dang it, I owned those hose, and the pool, and the moment.

Did I mention that I'm exhausted? I am.

But, I'm ready for the race. I can't wait! First up, relaunch of this website (new banner and overall look went up last week). Next, publication of Ghostly Mostly- Chicago Screams, first book in a new Young Adult / Teen Fiction series.


Have you ever chosen to swim with pantyhose? Or, was there a time in your life when you had to swim that way and amazed yourself with how you performed come race day?