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International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2014 - ITLAPD

Argh, it be that time o' year again, when the rum flows and the sea winds blow.

I always mark this day with piratical pride, posting a new poem or story. Been doing it that way for years, aye, every since Cap'n Trail introduced me self and a bunch of other landlubbers to the holiday back in law school.

This year I be adding the poem Alyssa to the pirate repertoire. It be a prize winner from a live steampunk poetry slam, guaranteed to shiver your timbers.

Alyssa be hiding her sultry smiles in Pirate Pearls. Ye can find it on Amazon and fer yer Kindle type devices. Second link be the Kindle:

And some day soon, if the winds blow a right, we'll be bringin ye the audio version too. Aye, that's right. Dramatic readins of everything in Pirate Pearls, even a drunk soundin pirate choir brining to life the shanty Ghostly Seas.

*I be owing ye an apology, as it were meant for the audio book to publish today. It ain't done, and I be sorry. Aye. That product were meant to journey to ye on a ship that went and sprung a leak. Tried to fix the craft, but twere no avail. It sank. A new craft were purchased and the product launched, only for the whole thing to disappear in a supernatural mist most peculiar. I pray the ship be sighted soon and the cargo found to be unharmed. When that day comes, you will be the first to know, aye.

A happy ITLAPD to all, and to all a good rum!

*Translation - My publisher's computer system died, hard. Fortunately the audio book was saved on an external hard drive. Publisher got a new computer, we loaded the audio book for purchase ... and we've got nothing. The audio book could be available tomorrow or not for two weeks. We have no idea what's going on inside the vendor's storm.

This is the first audio book for me and the publisher, and we're still learning.

We're learning that we need more rum.