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Message from my publisher, Peacock Pygg Publications

Ladies and gentleman, we have news.

In May 2015 this publisher, Peacock Pygg, will relaunch all of our existing titles. New additions of all books and for most titles new cover art too. We're bringing you sharper, tighter editing and modern covers.

Titles impacted include all Undead Bar Association books, Ghostly Mostly (Chicago Screams), the Hearts science fiction series (Heart's Fire), and the Tales of My Mother Road Series (New Mexico Fairytales).

Due to e-book customer demand for exciting reading material available right now, we will NOT remove the current editions before the new editions are complete. 

Nonetheless, we recommend that hard copy readers eager to start the series delay purchasing until the second week of May 2015.

Stay tuned here for updates about the relaunches and about NEW titles coming later this year.