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International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2015

Happy ITLAPD 2015!

The holiday be a grand tradition for me and the mateys. Aye. There be a healthy bit o'rum to accompany the usual gruel.

Actually, I just had a pizza and split a caramel pretzel brownie with the friends. But there may be rum later.

For now, we have the annual poem. I'll add it later this weekend to my piratical collection Pirate Pearls.

Here it be, mateys: The Ruby Queen.

We are whispers between the waves.

Embrace our sibilant sound,

lifeblood; Life lived for murderous craves

By bloodlust are we bound.

Ruthless Captain and Ruby Queen

We’re ever the cutlass edge

For life’s a blade sharp as a scream;

to sweet scream songs we pledge.

Since black night when my sister died

Cruelly smashed in Sawtooth Cove

With a pirate king I’ve been allied

Winning dark treasure and trove.

For trove there be in revenge sweet

against cursed coats sanguine.

They killed my sister, jewel of the fleet

and I will make them scream.

See these ruddy sails, this pirate flag?

It is I, warship Ruby!

Once your slave, Union Jack my gag

Now the fiend you fear and flee.

Sister Emerald, valiant ship and true

You died a splintered wreck.

Blood of the fools who destroyed you

Now soaks my pirate deck.

Know this: Patriotism is poor illusion

Death is the sweetest dream.

Patriot blood flows in waves crimson.

We’re the whispers in between.