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Heart's Fire Live Action Book Trailer to be filmed in Amarillo, Texas

Maryanne Wells and book developer Peacock Pygg announced today that a live action book trailer will be made for science fiction book The Heart's Fire, Book 1 of the Hearts Science Fiction Trilogy. Kuker Films of Amarillo, Texas, has signed for filming and production.

"I'm so glad we're working with Kuker Films," said author Maryanne Wells. "Jacob Kuker is fearless when it comes to special effects, and his network for acting talent in the region is unrivaled. It's an unusual move making a live action trailer with real actors instead of stock footage, but that extra touch is what the fans have said they really want."

Maryanne went on to promise that her own pet chinchilla will be in the trailer, playing the role of Sparky.

The Heart's Fire audio book will be available September 2016. The live action trailer will be released as part of the audio book promotion.