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Frozen Vengeance - Patricia Fisher Mysteries Audio book

Frozen Vengeance

Audiobook cover. Blonde woman in a red winter coat stands on a ship deck with her two dachshunds. Icebergs in the background. Frozen Vengeance. Patricia Fisher Mystery Adventures. Steve Higgs. Narrated by Maryanne M. Wells.

Patricia Fisher Mystery Adventures Book 6

Narrated by Maryanne Wells

Amid glistening icebergs and chill winds, the Aurelia sails from Newfoundland to Iceland. It's a beautiful setting ...

... for revenge.

Patricia and friends are back on the ship with a few new faces alongside the old. It ought to be cause for celebration but the Aurelia is suffering a series of mishaps and the captain, devilishly handsome Alistair Huntley, suspects sabotage is to blame.

But who is the saboteur? What would motivate a person to damage a ship in frigid waters and what might that person do next? It's no surprise when Patricia decides to look into it, but taking to the Aurelia just to escape the Godmother and her crazed assassins, could it be that she is already here waiting for her?

The truth will shock you to your core.