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Recipe for Murder - Patricia Fisher Mysteries Audio book


Blonde woman in an apron stands in a festival hall with her dachshund. She is holding a mixing bowl and a recipe book. Recipe for Murder. Patricia Fisher Mysteries. Steve Higgs. Narrated by Maryanne M. Wells.

Recipe for Murder

Patricia Fisher Mystery Adventures Book 3

Narrated by Maryanne M. Wells

You might think murder would be rare in a quiet English village …

When the local goddess of cake is found impaled with her own palette knife, the victim’s husband is found holding the murder weapon. It’s an open and shut case …

… until he calls Patricia Fisher that is.

With a surprising new assistant in tow, your favourite middle-aged sleuth has all the help she will need, but this case is a tough one for everyone she suspects instantly becomes the next victim.

With the village fete a week away, cooks are revving up to win the coveted best cake prize, especially now that the favourite is in the morgue. Can the killer really be one of the lovely old ladies?

With president of the church council, old rival Angelica Howard-Box, stirring up trouble, Patricia has more than enough on her plate, and she’ll have to solve this fast because her own cook, Mrs Pam Ellis might be next!

This series of books are clean cozy mysteries that contain no cussing or graphic descriptions of violence or bedroom activities.