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Solstice Goat - Patricia Fisher Mysteries Audio book

 Audiobook cover. Blonde woman in a dark suit stands in the woods with her dachshund. She is flanked by a man in a dark suit and a goat headed figure in a purple robe. Solstice Goat. Patricia Fisher Blue Moon Mysteries. Steve Higgs. Narrated by Maryanne M. Wells.Solstice Goat

Patricia Fisher Mystery Adventures Book 2

Narrated by Maryanne M. Wells

Patricia Fisher is trying to settle into village life, but the dead won't let her be. She’s a P.I. and used to investigating murder, but her latest case is just … well, it’s spooky.

What started as a missing person case goes south fast when a body marked with pagan symbols is found in the woods. It’s her client’s son-in-law, but the daughter is still out there and a chance encounter with another investigator, none other than famed paranormal investigator Tempest Michaels, sets Patricia on a path of paranormal discovery and starts a race against time to save the missing woman.

The pagan symbols point to a hidden cult and the dread suspicion that they plan to sacrifice her client’s daughter at midnight on Orion’s solstice.

And that’s tomorrow night!

While the police chase false clues, Patricia’s super-team follow the breadcrumbs, but they soon discover this case is far bigger than they thought. As they glimpse the truth, and her friends start to go missing, Patricia realises she has come too far to stop now …

This humorous cozy mystery contains no cussing and no graphic descriptions of violence or sex.