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What Sam Knew - Patricia Fisher Mysteries Audio book


What Sam Knew

Patricia Fisher Mystery Adventures Book 1

Narrated by Maryanne M. Wells

Patricia Fisher is not your average woman. To start with she lives in a seventy-three-room manor house and travels with a Jamaican butler who is part ninja and fakes his Downtown Abbey accent. Then add to those facts that she just opened a private investigations business and throw in the worrying bit where people keep trying to kill her.

When a climber suspiciously falls to his death and a local artist has her dog stolen, Patricia finds herself investigating two cases that seem to have no motive and no clues. Even with the help of her friends these mysteries will be hard to unravel.

But as she starts to poke her nose in where it is most definitely not wanted, a name from the past comes back to haunt her, a mysterious underworld figure issues a confusing threat, and she begins to wonder if she has any idea what she is doing. Will her intuition get her through again? Or has she bitten off more than she can chew?

If only she had listened to Sam.

If you like clean and funny cozy mysteries, then you will love Patricia Fisher!