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Patricia Fisher's Mystery Adventures Audiobooks - A Boxed Set

When a climber suspiciously falls to his death and a local artist has her dog stolen, both cases fall into the lap of local sleuth, Patricia Fisher …

… and so starts an adventure that will see her travel the world.

Far from being your average woman, Patricia Fisher lives in a seventy-three-room manor house and travels with a Jamaican butler who is part ninja and fakes his Downtown Abbey accent. How these things came about is a story in itself, yet far from embracing the quiet English village life - playing croquet on the lawn and eating cucumber sandwiches – Patricia pokes her nose where it is most definitely not wanted and finds herself being shot at rather more often than one ought reasonably to expect.

But as she closes in on the bad guys in each case, it’s clear there is someone operating in the background, someone who has taken offence for crimes previously solved and they plan on getting revenge at any cost.

Join her and an enticing cast of friends as they tackle mystery after mystery and get into hot water with criminals, gangsters, and the police.

‘This series has it all! Everything I want in a story ... humour, suspense, and colourful characters. It’s one of my top all-time favourite series.’

Audiobooks in This Set

  • What Sam Knew
  • Solstice Goat
  • Recipe For Murder
  • a Banshee and a Bookshop
  • Diamonds, Dinner Jackets, and Death


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