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How to know if 15 percent faster is better - Patricia Fisher Mystery Adventures Audiobook Boxed Set

Patricia Fisher Mystery Adventures Audiobook Boxed Set 1 is now available! The set includes five cozy mystery audiobooks: What Sam Knew, Solstice Goat, Recipe for Murder, a Banshee and a Bookshop, and Diamonds, Dinner Jackets, and Death. Wow, the name of the boxed set is a mouthful! Try saying it five times fast.

Speaking of talking fast, there is one difference between the individual audiobooks in the set and the set itself that I want to tell you about. I read some listener comments on my early audiobooks and learned somethings that were very helpful. One listener said that in the audiobooks I did not talk fast enough. Most useful critique I’ve ever received.

I should be clear; this was said about an early audiobook. No one who has heard me speak under normal, everyday conditions has ever accused me of speaking to slowly. It’s also not a problem when I do voiceovers or film work. But narrating books is different from other types of performing and everyday life. The difference is that I am playing all the characters and giving exposition. It calls for a different type of focus and different styles of annunciation. That in turn requires speaking slower than usual.

In audiobooks, there is something a trade-off narrating between enunciation and speed. For my earliest books, I chose to default on the side of enunciation. Then comment from the listener who thought the book was too slow had me rethinking not what I was doing in the recording booth, but what I could do post-recording to make the book better.

The listener explained that they found a kind of fix for the problem: they listened to the audiobook sped up by 15%. Only problem was, speeding up the MP3 on the player also made me sound higher pitched.

Fortunately, in post-production there is a bit of magic called change tempo. It’s a way of increasing how fast a file moves without also changing pitch. After experimenting in post-production with change tempo, I learned that the one listener who said 15% faster was spot on correct. My audiobook recordings sound best when the tempo is increased 15%. I also discovered that when the tempo is increased by 15%, the total time of the audiobook comes in as an almost perfect match to the estimated time from the audiobook distributor. For me, 15% is the magic number.

As standalone audiobooks, a Banshee and a Bookshop (Book 4) and Diamonds, Dinner Jackets and Death (Book 5) are at optimal tempo. The great news about Patricia Fisher Mystery Adventures Audiobook Boxed Set 1 is that all 5 books are at optimal tempo! I was able to increase tempo in the first three books when the boxed set was compiled. Lessons learned; listener experience improved.

Let’s here it for 15% more!

Audiobooks in This Set

  • What Sam Knew
  • Solstice Goat
  • Recipe For Murder
  • a Banshee and a Bookshop
  • Diamonds, Dinner Jackets, and Death