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13 Treats for Halloween - Beasterday

Why it's on my 2021 Halloween Treat List: It's a good deliberately bad horror movie. It's no House Shark, but it's good. Also, the world needs an Easter themed horror movie. Here it is.

Acting: the two leads are excellent. The rest of the cast is...there. The actor playing the mayor is a perfect mismatch. I'll explain: the mayor is supposed to be stoned. The character is supposed to be stoned, I mean. It seems like the actor playing the mayor is actually stoned, or high, which you think would be typecasting but instead detracts from the acting. I think only Cheech and Chong can pull off acting stoned while being stoned.

Plot/Story: The origin of the giant man-eating rabbit is never explained. Neither is the giant Easter egg. This thing isn't about plot though, it exists purely to be a vehicle for bad jokes and gory special effects.

Okay to watch with the kids? NO. It's gory and gross and there's full frontal nudity and bad language. NO. Put the kids to bed first.