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13 Treats for Halloween - Christmas Eve Massacre

Why it’s on my 2021 Halloween Treat List: Because some of you like slasher films. I picked a good one for you.

In general, I don’t like low-budget, independent slasher films. The story line – assuming there’s anything faintly resembling a plot – is usually formulaic. The deaths are predictable. Innovations seem to be based on increasing the gore in the killings and I don’t care.


THE ACTING IN THE MOVIE IS REALLY GOOD! Sometimes you get a low-budget, independent horror with one, maybe two good actors. In this movie everyone is solid! Which really tells us that the movie has both good actors and a good director. I wish everyone involved in this movie success in the future, ya’ll got skills. Also, excellent use of Christmas lights in both sets and costumes/props. There are some visually strong moments.

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail for this one; you either like slasher films or you don’t. I will say there’s a nice little twist in the plot and a quick, classic, and effective post-credits scene.

Okay to watch with the kiddos – No! What? Hell, no!

There. I put a slasher film on the list. You’re welcome.