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13 Treats for Halloween - Comedy of Terrors

Why it's on my 2021 Halloween Treat List: It's exactly what it says it is, a Comedy of Terrors. It's also a classic.

I realized after I made the complete Halloween Treat list that there are two things with Vincent Price and two with Boris Karloff. NO REGRETS. This movie has them both along with fabulous character actor Peter Lorre. So I'll say right now, the acting is great!

As for the movie...there's breaking and entering, murder and mayhem, accidental death, and it's a comedy.

Okay to watch with the kids? Probably yes. There's no blood or guts, no bad language. There is slapstick comedy, Shakespeare, a guy who won't die, and bad singing but every kid needs to be introduced to that stuff sooner or later.

Seek out and enjoy Comedy of Terrors!