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13 Treats for Halloween - Ginger Snaps

Why it’s on my 2021 Treat List: It’s my all-time favorite werewolf movie!

First, a brief explanation of the title. The main characters are two sisters and one of them is named Ginger (yes, she’s a redhead). Ginger snaps because (little spoiler) werewolfing happens.

I love this movie. Coming of age drama, full of goth-y my-parents-particularly-my-mother-are-idiots teenage angst. Characters that challenge, gently, the usual high school archetypes. I mean, who expects the local pot dealer to almost be a hero in a werewolf movie? It makes sense after you watch the movie – horticulture – but I did not expect that going into it. Great character development, and some good humor. Oh, and werewolves and murder. Accidentally forgetting body parts in the backyard, someone (or something) kills the neighbor’s dog…all the good stuff.

Plot – nice. Original! Acting – great. Special effects – are the werewolf transformations the greatest ever? No. Are they the worst ever? Definitely not. The transformation for the climatic battle is pretty damn good.

Okay to watch with the kiddos –Let me ask you this…are your kids able to handle discussions about/humour related to menstruation? Commentary about losing one’s virginity? If the answers are yes, then maybe you share this movie with them. What, you’re shocked that menstruation and losing virginity are in a werewolf movie? Don’t be. I said, it’s got coming of age stuff. LOL…just remembered the congratulations-on-your-first-period-cake the mom makes…ahh!

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. It’s my favorite werewolf movie, maybe yours too! And don't spoil the sequel for me. I haven't seen it yet.