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13 Treats for Halloween - Spiral Drive

Why it’s on my 2021 Treat List: It’s a low-budget, independent, found footage horror movie that’s good…REALLY GOOD! It’s so good that if you tell me you’re into found footage but then say you’ve never seen Spiral Drive, we can’t be friends.

I watch a lot of found footage. There’s the good, the bad, the ugly, the one-more-rip-off-of-the-Blair-Witch story, and then there’s Spiral Drive. At the start, it seems like it’s going to be a run of the mill bad found footage but it’s not! You have to watch it to the end to appreciate it, then watch it a second time to really appreciate it, then watch it a third time because you can’t believe that someone did something so right in the found footage horror genre.

Plot – it works. For a found footage movie the plot is actually very tight. Acting – Good. There’s only two people in the cast, well, two plus whoever plays THE MYSTERIOUS ENTITY, and they do a good job. I for one appreciate a deliberately bad Italian accent when it fits the plot, and the bad Italian accent in this movie is perfect. Special effects – for found footage, great! And someone sacrificed their SUV for this project. Seriously. There’s an RIP notice for the SUV in the credits. I did NOT see the end of that SUV coming – successful jump-scare of me!

Okay to watch with the kiddos – Possibly. There’s no blood or cuts, no direct human-on-human violence, just THE MYSTERIOUS ENTITY and a lot of suspense and running. And driving.

If you like found footage horror, you need to watch Spiral Drive. If you don’t like found footage type horror you should still watch Spiral Drive. It’s a good movie.