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13 Treats for Halloween - Stalled

Why it’s on my 2021 Treat List: Because nobody does comedy zombie films like the British.

Imagine there’s a zombie uprising at work and you end up trapped in the bathroom. There’s one other non-zombie there, you can’t see them, but you think it could be the person of your dreams. Can you be the hero? Can you escape the bathroom, take down the zombies, and rescue your true love?

It’s called Stalled because the majority of the movie takes place in a bathroom stall. Sound boring? It’s not. It’s hilarious, and brilliant. I’m not promising you a happy ending…more a poignant one…but the build up to the twist is SO WORTH IT.

Plot – brilliant. Acting – damn good.

Okay to watch with kiddos – maybe with the older kids?

But really, God bless the British. I wouldn’t want my zombie movies any other way.