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13 Treats for Halloween - The Terror

Why it’s on my 2021 Treat List: It’s a classic!

I first watched this movie because I read Boris Karloff was in it. I thought, Boris Karloff in a horror movie but he’s not playing Frankenstein’s monster? Interesting! I’m in. So I started watching. A character appeared, a good looking man in a legionairre uniform. I thought, nice. Very watchable. I’m going to enjoy this movie. Then the good-looking man spoke…HOLY SH!T, I thought, IT’S A YOUNG JACK NICHOLSON! And it was.

That’s the main reason to watch this, it’s a classic horror movie starring old Boris Karloff and young Jack Nicholson. Other than that it’s…campy at best. The setting is great, lonely and crumbling castle on a cliff overlooking the sea. It’s a nice Halloween ambiance movie, the kind of thing you have on in the background while you’re passing out candy. Don’t sit and watch it too hard or you’ll start to worry over the flaws.

Plot – There is one. It’s nicely Gothic. There’s a twist at the end, sad for the old witch. Acting – meh. There’s one really good scene between Karloff and Nicholson. Very tense. Okay to watch with the kiddos – yeah, probably. It’s not a blood and guts horror film.