Undead Bar Association Series

Matriculated Death (origin story novellas) - Book 1
Shadowed Demise - Book 2
Binding Deceit - Book 3

The Hearts Science Fiction Trilogy

The Heart's Fire - Book 1

Tales of My Mother Road - Route 66 Fairy Tales Series

New Mexico Fairytales - Book 1

Binding Deceit
 Shadowed Demise book series undead bar association haunted house ghost vampire JFK Jack Ruby Dallas Texas conspiracy Maryanne Wells favorite book supernatural must read

 Book 3 of the Undead Bar Association Series

For new lawyer Maryanne Wells, returning to Amarillo, Texas feels like slipping into a favorite pair of worn blue jeans. Her friends eagerly greet her, and Maryanne settles into her old surroundings with a contented sigh. Then, an unwelcome visitor arrives – Anthony, a ghost from Maryanne’s past. He’s bringing Maryanne a supernatural mystery full of hometown flair. Maryanne’s had enough of ghosts and zombies, but Anthony won’t leave her alone. Slowly but surely, Maryanne’s pulled into a mystery of twisted science, black magic, and tainted love.

Maryanne's learned the hard way that you can't fight the supernatural alone, once it's found a way in. The smart and saucy heroine turns to the Undead Bar Association, and friend Nick Porpington answers the call. Together they confront a new evil, one with its sights set on conquering more than just Amarillo and Maryanne. Things are heating up in the Texas Panhandle, and Maryanne's gonna teach evil a lesson – don’t bring your monsters to her hometown.

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Binding Deceit Book Series Undead Bar Association zombie haunted house ghost vampire Texas top book must read favorite Maryanne Wells
Shadowed Demise
Book 2 of the Undead Bar Association Series


Summer begins, and law student Maryanne Wells flees to Dallas, Texas. She desperately wants to escape the memory of the terrible choice she made last year, when a clan of vampires branded Maryanne their newest human slave. Maryanne hopes she’ll be safe working in a big city law firm, but the vampires are one step ahead of her. There’s something they want Maryanne to find.

Between the bright city lights, steamy jazz, and soaring glass towers, a dark secret waits. The secret’s lingered for decades, ever since President John F. Kennedy was murdered on a Dallas street. Now it threatens to explode and rip the city apart. The vampires want Maryanne to capture the secret in their name, but if Maryanne can find strength to defy them, she will put the city’s ghosts to rest and hold back the vampires’ bloody power. Summer in Dallas brings a shattered heroine the chance to rescue a city, and maybe even to save her soul.

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Matriculated Death - origin story novellas

 Book Series Undead Bar Association

Book 1 of the Undead Bar Association Series 

Maryanne Wells, Texas country girl and teenage genius, feels isolated and lost in law school. She finally makes one friend, quirky Naomi O’Conners, but still doesn’t feel like she belongs among the older and wiser students. Ghostly shadows and mysterious noises one night in the library change everything. There’s a mystery to solve, and Maryanne is on the case.

But the monsters in the law school prove too much for even a feisty heroine to handle alone. There’s a ghost trapped in a bookcase, zombies pounding at the door, and vampires lurking in the shadows. Maryanne needs a skilled team – the Undead Bar Association – to help her save the students and the law school.

With the help of the Undead Bar Association, some Texas sized courage, and a lot of coffee, Maryanne can survive. She might even graduate.

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The Heart's Fire
The Heart's Fire Science Fiction Trilogy Adventure Suspence Romance steampunk must read science fiction Maryanne Wells
Book 1 of the Heart's Science Fiction Trilogy

Luther Gregory, newly assigned to the spaceship SS ATTM, is eager to prove himself as a soldier and engineer. To his surprise, he’s not given an engineering position. Instead, Luther’s given a choice – accept a position as Valve in Training, a job he knows nothing about, or accept a position as ship’s mail clerk and fade into lonely, isolated obscurity. Luther studies the cold blue eyes of the current Valve, Jane Wingfield, and decides to take a chance on the unknown path.

As Luther begins his training, pressure builds in the engine room. A new device has been installed aboard the SS ATTM and it’s causing the engine’s heart to malfunction. Jane Wingfield is quick to point out the danger to the officers, but they refuse to act. The officers want the new device up and running no matter what the cost. Frustrated and desperate, Jane turns to Luther for help.
Together, Jane and Luther race through the ship to assemble a team of would-be heroes: the security chief, an absent-minded genius, the ship’s janitor, and a small boy with his pet chinchilla, Sparky. Luther believes the team has a chance, but his military training tells him he should follow the chain of command. The new recruit is torn.

With the ship threatening to explode and over a thousand lives on the line, Luther must decide where he stands. Either Luther is ready to serve as a ship’s Valve, or his first day on board the SS ATTM will be his last.

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New Mexico Fairytales
Book 1 of Tales of My Mother Road - Route 66 Fairy Tales Series

 New Mexico Fairytales

Dare to enter the Land of Enchantment with New Mexico Fairytales, a fantasy treat of southwestern lore. When you walk through the desert, a place where relief from sun and wind hides from human eyes, you’ll find spirit guides who bring relief to thirsting human souls.

… in the desert snow, a monstrous chupacabras and a shepherd battle to the death, while a desperate man risks everything to avenge the murder of a friend.

… outside an adobe church, one man looks past his pain to see another’s torn soul, setting in motion a chain of events that only ends when the broken mission bell rings.

… in a home full of love, holiday smells of cinnamon and chocolate give way to terror, and a young girl begins a desert quest to save her family from a curse set long ago.

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