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Author Maryanne Wells
Author Maryanne M. Wells

science fiction The Heart's Fire
The Heart's Fire

New Mexico Fairytales
New Mexico Fairytales
Undead Bar Association Matriculated Death
Matriculated Death

Undead Bar Association Shadowed Demise
Shadowed Demise

Undead Bar Association Binding Deceit
Binding Deceit



















Maryanne Wells at Open Book Festival November 2, 2013 - 10/16/2013

Deadhand Control, UBA Book 4, launched Kickstarter project - 7/26/2013

New Young Adult Book Series, Mostly Ghostly, to premiere in December 2013 - 7/19/2013


EXCLUSIVE Look at Matriculated Death. June 29, 2012. YA writer and blogger Allie B. got the dirt on the heroine in Matriculated Death and what's coming up in the Undead Bar Association series.

Interviews: 10 Questions with Carl Purdon. June 20, 2012. Writer and interviewer Carl Purdon asked Maryanne about her first book, Texas, theatre, and plans for the future.

My first video interview. July 10, 2012. Indie publishing expert and networking queen Laura Howard quizzed me about Matriculated Death and the Undead Bar Association Series. I let her in on a few secrets about Book 2 of the series. And Skully, the UBA book cover model and mascot, gives a cameo appearance in the background.